BTW, I requested the GTO-328's and gotten the GTO-329's! Along these lines, I got a redesign for nothing and this audit is for the GTO-329's. Anyway, I introduced these in my 2014 FJ Cruiser dash. I am will give a little insight regarding the introduce, on the grounds that I know some of you are interested about regardless of whether they fit. Here goes...They required slight trimming of the encompass plastic on the speaker and I screwed them into the plant plastic encompass level, or level so they would clear the factor flame broil covers. There is a ring of raised plastic around the speaker that will require trimming. You will likewise need to trim the industrial facility barbecue spreads to make them work, as there is a "sound chief" from the processing plant that is standing out for freedom. It is a breeze to evacuate with a decent SHARP box cut. Simply chopped down the ring around the speaker and cut the braised plastic bolts from the production line flame broil/cover that holds the sound executive on. I accept there were three spots on the back of the production line flame broil, that this conic molded sound chief was appended. I did all the trimming with a straightforward box cut and watchful trimming. When the ring around the speaker is trimmed down and the bolts are sliced free enabling you to evacuate the sound executives, they will fit flawlessly! Not advanced science, simply a question of making them fit my application. No unique sections essential, simply screw them to the external plastic ring in the dash with some fush drive self tapping screws. The speakers accompany bass blockers to keep certain recurrence ranges...USE THEM!! The speakers will seem like popping POOP without the bass blockers introduced. When they were introduced, I attempted it without them as well, the sound was OUTSTANDING. The smidgen of exertion put into this introduce was definitely justified even despite the nature of sound conveyed. Clean highs and LOUD! Beats the production line dash sound by 500%!

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